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Bored Vibes Black Hoodies

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**Bored Vibes Black Hoodie **

  • Description: The first ever Bored Vibes Wearable :gorilla:
  • Rarity: common
  • Category: upper_body

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:eyes::eyes::eyes::heart_eyes: This looks awesome!


Hello there, thanks a lot for your patience, the wearable looks ready to go but before doing that though I will need you to write and email to and let me know that you had permission to use this bayc thanks a lot !

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Is there anything else we need ? Excited for this!

hi Lauretta hows the process going for the wearables ive sent a couple emails out with proof that Bored Vibes own ape #8229
When you own an Ape you own the full commercial rights.

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@Lauretta Hope your. having a wonderful week! What else is needed to get this approved before Saturdays Event ?

Hey @Lauretta What else is needing to be provided to get this approved ? Waiting on reply?

Hello, @Lauretta another Bored Vibes team member here checking in to see if there is anything else that’s need from us in order to get this approved? our event is coming close and just trying to get all of our ducks in a row before the event. thanks so much for your time and efforts in getting us through the approval process.:slight_smile:

hey @metacoast thanks for your patience, it’s been quite a hectic days but I’m glad you could talk twith the legal team and received their approval , I will have a look at this item again just to make sure that the overrides are correct and will be back with you

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hey @metacoast the wearable was approved

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Your the Best thanks so much!!! I know how Hectic it must be, Please let us know if we can help in anyway, id love to help!

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