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Supershiba hoodie

checking this out now :+1:


noticed there is some clipping on the female hoodie, near the bottom.

And also, do you have permission to use the IP / brand of ?

Could I send this Authorization Letter from the founder of Supershiba to you?
please give me your email, I can forward it to you.
Thank you so much!

Hey, please forward it to
And include information about which submssion it is regarding

Already sent the authorization letter. please check.And I found that the hoodie works well on other upper body

Hey, i saw the letter now, thx.
I see an issue with the female model that wasn’t present before though, looks like you uploaded the male model to the female representation.

I think this issue is not caused by the hoodie itself. Just caused by some special pants. And when I upload the 3D model of the hoodie, I choose both for male and female which is the option provided by dcl builder. I think even I keep modifying the model, there are still some specific type of pants do not fit perfectly with the hoodie. I don’t know how can I fit all of them without all kinds of pants size and models. Please give me some suggestions. And I hope this hoodie could be approval. I spent a lot of time to create it. Thank you so much.

Hey, the female and male avatar actually require different models because the waist of the female is higher up. If you have uploaded the same model for female and male then this is why it is clipping with most pants.

You can see it is the same with other pants.

Understand! So I will modify it just for males. Thank you!

It seems my collection disappeared. Could you please tell me what happened with that?

I think the builder is currently experiencing some server issues, i cant see my collections either

Hey Chestnutbruze! I edited the hoddie already, please review again. I think it is perfect for males!

It was the female version that had issues not the male, but i see now the wearable doesn’t have a female representation. Is it supposed to be exclusively for male avatars?


Yes. It is exclusively for male avatars.

okay, approved then :+1:

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Thank you so much! :grinning:

Hi Chestnutbruze! There is a quick question from me. Could I change the name of my collection “bonnybb’s” into “Super Shiba’s”? I made a mistake…

It’s not possible to change the collection name after submitting unfortunately

I submitted it again. With the name" Super Shiba". Could you please review it?