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BNG Skins

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Doge Defender of the Blockchain

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Hi! I checked collection, can you reduce triangle count to 5500-6000, thank you!

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Updated to 5958 tris.

Thank you for the heads up.

thank you for update, needs some skinning/weight paint edits, for smoother result

Took care of those two

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Thank you! Sorry for late reply!
Add this to hiding list, and collection will be approved :slight_smile:



Thank you so much and will do

All set and again thank you

Collection approved!

Thank you so much. Most definitely excited.

I needed to reduce emission to 30% and also add description

Update hiding list, please! Also, i’m not sure that after collection was approved and sold to someone already, you are able to change color of emission. People who bought your collection with white emission, will complain…

Updated list and I’m going to send the updated wearable to the address they used to purchase. I’m thankful it’s only 3 people (Me being one of the ones that purchased)

Hi, i asked for some opinion in curation committee chat, and all curators agreed with me, that we cant approve changed color of emission. Please bring back white emission, thank you!

Thank you for trying. I changed back.

Can you fix fingers weights influence, please :slight_smile: looks like weight painting is wrong here.
Also hides list empty again.

lol thanks for catching the web fingers. Updated with hidden list

Sorry it’s not updated. Need to fix.

corrected all the problems. Sorry about that.