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**Block X hoodie **

Hello @Pb4ugo12 !
Reviewing your wearables :slight_smile:

  • Male rig is fine, the female representation doesn’t fit tho.
    Please fix the female model if you plan to have it unisex.

  • max number of textures allowed is 2, you are using 3.
    Please stay within the 2 budget

  • You can’t use OffWhite logo unless you provide IP documentation to
    That’s also true for the logo in the front of the hoodie.

Check images


I’m sorry I didn’t know this does this mean I loose 100 mama for my mistake😬

We are going to do these changes but the logo we used is our logo that we created and and will there still be a 100 mana price for publish

Hello @Pb4ugo12 you will not need to pay the 100 mana fee again!
You can update this listing, i will be able to approve your wearables once youf fix all issue :slight_smile:

Please avoid using the OffWhite logo if you don’t have the rights, and provide proof you are the owner of the front part logo.

Ok thank you I’ll have it done later today :grin: I appreciate you taking the time to help me :+1:

Ok I think I fixed everything if you could lmk that would be great I just don’t have any way to prove the logo is ours Bec I created my self and it’s not official the only thing I can do is show you all of our websites and social media accs using the same logo

Hey @Pb4ugo12 !
Cool! Rigging is now ok for both version as well as textures and material number!

Yes please provide here your website/socials where i can verify your logo ownership.

  • you don’t need to add “upper body” as replacement, since this already replace upperbody part.
  • i noticed a small red dot, probably you want to get rid of it?

Hey I think we should be good!!! I wanted to thank you for the fastest service ever when it comes to dcl wearables

Hey @Pb4ugo12 thank you!

  • I think you forgot to load properly the female representation since is now clipping again with the fem body
  • Plese provide links/proof of the main logo ownership

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Ok I think I did it now :grimacing:

Here’s the websit
Here’s the pic of proof we paid for the domain

And on the website you have our Instagram discird and twitter were u can see us using the logo aswell

Thank you soo much for letting me know about the red dot. Here is our website

And this

Soemthing got messed up with my email just wanna make sure everything is good. And want to know what if you received my last email?
Because I got signed out and can’t see our previously messages

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Hey @Pb4ugo12 !
Allright all good now!
Just please remove the “replace”: your wearables is an upper body it automaticalluy replace upper bodies :slight_smile:
Ready to approve after this!

Ok I think we’re good now thank you so much for the patience and replying so fast
My last 3 wearables took almost 3 weeks

Good job! Approved now! cheers!

Thank you for all your help by any chance do you know if this fast service is going to k be a permanent thing or when I release my next wearable it’s going to cost another 100 mana for 3 weeks of waiting

The curation committee acquired new members due to the high wearables volume.
This will speed up the curation process for most cases :slight_smile:
Glad I was helpful! Cheers! :smiley: