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Blacknode Knight

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Blacknode Knight Body Armor

Blacknode Knight Helmet

Blacknode Knight Legs Armor


OMG. This is really good.


This looks so cool omg…

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@vrglitch can you take a look for approval please ?

This is an incredible set! Beautiful details.
I wanted to share this combo with the Alpha Wolf’s Helmet I recently made :wolf:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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bend the knee to Vitalik

ha i see you love my wearable :slight_smile: you have to buy it now :slight_smile:

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Let’s see if I can afford it haha, I’d love to buy at least the top and bottom and support your work if I can :wink:

If I sell my Vitalik Mask, definitely.

Awesome! You may want to add, Mask, Facial Hair and Earring to the hide list.
Let us know when you are ready.
Thank you!

Thank you @vrglitch , added to hide list those, ready!

GORGEOUS! I’m down for this!

Absolutely stunning!

@vrglitch everything is good ?

Hey @Blacknode, i will need to check some details on the model of the head and upper body, please send me the glb files via DM.
Thank you

Thank you! Approved.