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Black Night Deluxe

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Epic Party Bunny

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Hey, we are starting out our Party Wear collection with this first item and are looking forward to your thoughts. One challenge we seem to have is being able to generate the color Green, which seems to turn into white / shades of blue in the editor for whatever reason - despite rendering correctly in all other viewers and Blender.

Hey @Blackisback, it appears green in-world :+1: as you can see below


Also you need to fix the thumbnail, the background has to be transparent because the builder adds a color based on the rarity of the wearable.

And lastly, the head needs to be 100% skinned to the head, you can see when i am using /emote headexplode it is deforming a little bit because the skinning is not 100% to the head. You can see it on the picture below

Thanks a million! I think we have managed to fix those bugs - Now, how do we upload a new version of the 3D file to our collection under review?

you just replace the old model with the new one by pressing edit representation and loading the new file

I’m sorry, but eversince the status of the collection went into under review I no longer see this option. it is still active for new items we upload outside the collection, but we can not add those to the collection currently under review it seems

okay, can you try this instead, under the details section there is a pencil on the right hand side, press it and you should get the option to upload files.


Yep, that worked and the revised file has now been uploaded!

Hey, i still see the same issue with the skinning

Sorry for that! It is a bit of a mystery to us at the moment as it all shows as nice and red in Blender and seems to be weighted 100% to the Head bone…

Updated mesh uploaded.

Okay looks like it’s working now

2 things remain though

you are hiding ‘‘feet’’, im sure it’s just a misclick, but it needs to be removed.

And also the model seems to have 3 mats and 4 textures.
The max allowed is 2 mats & textures

That’s Great to hear! Feet issue fixed. Not sure why it is showing 4 textures and 3 mats - only 2 textures and 2 materials are actually being used.

I checked and re-checked and the model itself uses exactly 2 materials and 2 textures.

hey @Blackisback can you add me on discord and send me the glb?
discord: Sevalla (Chestnutbruze)#9384
Send the one you are trying to upload

Sure thing! Just sent a freind request from Piotr#0100.