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Bitcoin fixes this

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Bitcoin T-Shirt

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Hi Yannakis, I´m exploring Decentraland. This is my first try to bring wearables to the marketplace. I uploaded a female and a male version, but in the picture is still only the female version. Is this correct?

Yes its an auto generated thumbnail but if you want you can replace it with a custom one.

Cool, that was a really fast process. THX!!! …I will find out how this works. I forgot to add Tags and description. Did it now. Now it´s changed from green to yellow. What does this means ?

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Ill go ahead and approve the changes for you in a second!

Oh… I changed the picture…how can I get back to the old one ? can you change it back ? Sorry for the stress…

Youd have to change it back and let me know

Now it´s fine. Thank you for your help. Now waiting for green.

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Hey @Yannakis @A70ton, thumbnail should have transparent background, make sure to update it

I updated it with a transparent background

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Approved the change!