Collection 'Bitbones Nemesis' created by Bitbones is ready for review!

Bitbones Nemesis

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Bitbones Nemesis Hoodie

reviewing wearable now!

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Looks like you have 3 textures can you reduce to 2, also is Bitbones nemesis a name you own or can use?

Hi, @DuckiezKing! I made this wearable for bitbones, he is indeed creator of the NFT collection located here:

These hoodies are for his upcoming series, dropping next week.
As far as the 3 textures, I have long been under the understanding that the default skin texture did not count towards the 2-texture limit?
I’ve got the default skin, the diffuse color, and emission map, so we’re only using two custom textures here.

Hope that clears up some of the issue, thanks for such a quick response!!!

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Hey there, textures are cool. Can you just email that you created for bitbones.

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Hey Duckiez I’m the creator of Bitbones. I sent legal an email proving ownership. Can we resolve this here or do we have to hear back from legal? Trying to get this hoodie approves asap for my new collection launch. Thanks.


Just waiting for legal confirmation, I’ll be keeping an eye! Shouldn’t be to long.


Thanks for the help!

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Any word from legal?

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I’m sorry, I’m still waiting. I’m poking them now. When do you need this published?

@DuckiezKing Our event is Friday. I assure you that @Bitbones is the creator of the Bitbones NFT collection, this is not the first hoodie I’ve made for him.
This is our event link:

Here is a link to the other collection:

Just got update from legal. Collection approved, Enjoy!

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