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Bit Polygon Suit

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Bit Polygon Suit - Chest

  • Description: these polygons just don’t want to stick together
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: upper_body

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Hey @NandrE#df4e! How are you?

  1. Can you reduce the glow a bit? I think is too bright right now and can be intrusive to other players.

  1. This wearable doesn’t have a female representation. Do you want to add it before approval?

Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 23.25.56


Hello! I’m fine thanks, I hope you too! I ask forgiveness but I’m stupid and I didn’t understand that the reviews were done here, I kept looking at the email hoping to receive them there … Sorry …

Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately in the editor I can’t see a preview of the glow, I see the material completely colored (not affected by shading), but I can’t get a preview of the luminous halo. Thanks to your image now I have an idea and I will reduce it!

Unfortunately I have not modeled a female version and since the polygons are all separate it would take me a lot of work to adapt the shape … in your opinion is having only the male version very limiting compared to sales?

One question: What is the best way to let possible interested parties know that in the future I will also make the lower body part? If I put it in the description then it seems to me that I can no longer change the description after having also produced the lower body …

Thank you so much for everything! as soon as I am ready with the decreased glow I will notify!
Have a good day. See you soon!

Andrea Spinelli


I reduced the glow and added the female version as well, please let me know if this is okay.

Thank you very much for everything, see you soon

Hey @4Bit ! Collection approved!

If you check your collection in the wearable editor there is an option “See in world” to check your wearable in world next time.


Thank you so much Shibu!
Thanks also for the advice to See in world!

See you soon

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