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Big Flex Drip

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Money Green Halo

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This is my favorite Halo

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Taking a look now:) -H

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You are awesome!! Thank you.

Just asking the team about the thumbnail! Will post an update as soon as i hear back!! :slight_smile:

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Okay. I used the default thumbnail that popped up when I uploaded the project. I have no problem changing it if necessary. I only thought the default thumbnail would help the review process get approved faster. Thank you again for all your hard work. You are doing a great job! keep up the good work!

I have updated the thumbnail to a 256px by 256px with a transparent background as specified in the requirements in the DOC for wearables.

Looks good just wanted to double check! approved!:slight_smile:

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You are awesome. I appreciate your timely responds and approval! Thank you so much!