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Beytm Michael Skin

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Michael skin

I will check collection now!

Hi! Since this is 3D scan of real? person, you will need to provide IP rights, send IP rights for “Beytm Michael” to

Also, you will need to reduce triangle count to 5000 triangles or less


Thank you for your review !

Regarding IP rights, is there any template you can send me so I could give my permission for Decentraland to use my image ?

The skin polycount will be reviewed to be 5000 tris or less.

Kind regards,

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Hi @Guerbix!
I dont have any templates for IP rights, if you will write to, they will guideline you through the process :slight_smile:

Will do,

Thanks a lot !!

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hello @theankou, would you have any updates on this collection ?

Thanks a lot !

Hi @Guerbix
I will check with legal and come back to you, sorry for late reply!

Hi Kristian,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

We would like to show our avatar to our client by the end of this week.
Do you think we could get an approval by then ?

Also, we aim at submitting several skins of the same kind (with 3d scan and corresponding authorizations as well).
i know the fixed priced is 100$ per item, but do you think there could be some kind of discount if we are to upload a lot of item at once ?

Thank you very much,

Hi @Guerbix!
I’m waiting for response from legal team, as soon as I will receive response, I will be able to approve collection (if IP rights are good)

If you want to show avatar to your client, you don’t need to wait for approval, you can always test your collection by clicking “see in-world” button thats located in builder, in collection.

I don’t think that discount is possible, maybe you can speak with legal or foundation team about that. But, as I know, it’s technically impossible.

Hello, Something is missing from decentraland. I can’t share my files or my videos live. Is there a trick for this?

Good morning,
I love decentraland and I regularly use it as a work room with my teams. I need help because there are often bugs. And especially when we meet in the same universe at the same time,we are all in the same “realm” (realm = server) sometimes I don’t see anyone and no one sees me. I have to refresh and it works. Why does this happen? thanks in advance

(I check this video to see how:
Screen capture - 5803ef923514a67bbe47ed73e3ee0eed - Gyazo)