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Better Bear Gummy Bears

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Better Bears Variety Pack


Currently there is no ‘‘hand’’ slot, maybe in the future there will be, but for now the category ‘‘earring’’ is quite misleading, so it has to be either part of the upper_body, or actually be positioned at the ear like an earring would be.

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Thanks for your input I updated the wearable to include a shirt and set it as an upper_body :slight_smile:

Hi! I am notifying the Wearables Curation Committee that I need to upload a new .glb or .gltf file. I just have updated it according to @chestnutbruze’s requests and have correctly made the changes needed. :slight_smile:

You can upload at any time, just let me know when you have done that

hmm how do i reupload? I tried editing the file and putting a new one in place instead and it shows in my collections/when you go to view the collection here?

this collection i changed the file to takes me here still.

You need to go into the collection and item you wish to change
OR you can go into the editor and click on the pencil icon in the top right where the thumbnail of the item is located. This will allow you to upload a new glb

Yes and as you can see I have done this

Okay i misunderstood then, will check out the wearable now

Backfaces are disabled ingame, so the wearable looks transparent from the inside. You need to add some geometry here to cover it up. A ‘‘cap’’ on the arms and under the shirt. Other than that the wearable looks fine

Completed this :slight_smile: thanks for the communication, let me know when it is approved.

Great, but there’s still a gap underneath the shirt

Btw, do you have any affiliation to ? Before I can approve you need to email with documentation confirming you are allowed to use their IP

Okay, Both things have been completed

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let me know when you have approved

sorry for the late reply, it has been approved now