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Beta Puppy Night

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Beta Puppy Latex Upper Suit

Beta Puppy Hood Mask

Beta Puppy Latex Lower Suit

Hi @Kourtin if you can make the thumbnails less visually noisy we’re good to go!

Hey there Malloy! The thumbnails have been modified with an almost invisible paw for more product visibility and less visual noise in general. Thanks!

@Malloy Forgot to pin you sorry, first time! :sweat_smile:

@kourtin Hi there,

So I noticed on the female representations the waist line wasn’t accommodating;

So you need to create a duplicate of your MALE representative and change the height/width of the waist line to make sure the female rep can be used with other wearables.

Let me know if you need some help, cheers!

@kourtin Hey there, I saw you updated the female rep but the male rep hasn’t been loaded, probably because it’s not too apparent on how to do that (it’s being worked on).

If you go to the collection menu outside of the editor, then select on the item page, there will be 3 dots, when you click that you should be able to add the alt rep :slight_smile:
Let me know how you get on!


`Hey there @Malloy! Thanks a lot for your help as I was a little bit lost with that. Now everything should be fine!!

Hey @kourtin Sorry to do this to you one more time but there looks to be some minor weight issues on the waist on the female version;


After this, should be good to go!

Hello, @Malloy, that vertex is no longer bothering the render :slight_smile:
Moving vertex after rig brought this error, thanks for the headsup.