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Bernertracht Haube

Berner Sonntagstracht Klara

Berner Sonntagstracht Erika


Amazingggg! These dresses are beautiful :heart_eyes:

Thanks for the love, yours wearables are amazing too

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I just changed the description in english. I also used a more understandable sentence

Reviewing this now :+1:

Hey, cool outfit!

I see that the wearables exceed the max 2 texture + 2 material limit, can you please make sure it is below this limit?

You need to include legs in the wearable, or put a cap underneath the dress so you cannot view the backfaces from below.

There’s some issues with the skinning around the neck. When the character is moving the arms it geometry sometimes covers up the silver details around the neck, adjust the skinning so this doesn’t happen

Hi @Chestnutbruze I believe @Lijopa Lijop already uploaded the new files, Thank you for taking a look at these <3

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Hey, there is clipping happening with the lower_body, did you originally hide the lower body earlier?


Thanks! I just added “hide lower body”. With the upload of the new file it changed and I did not realize…

Hi @chestnutbruze thank you for reviewing my collection “Bernertracht”, I appreciate your work! Is there still some issue to adress? From my point of view, we changed everything you sugested, but let me know if there is something more to adjust…

Hey, I forgot to reply here, but i approved it earlier today, it looks good :+1:

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Perfect, thanks a lot!

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