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Bell Bottoms by GenXNewb

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Bell Bottoms of Hearts

Bell Bottoms of Rainbow


Very nice pants, my favorite is the one with the hearts, i love the amour.

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I will list these for 2 $MANA only!


affordable love power??? this is a must in DCL market!

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Bell Bottoms of Hearts
I like the slugger powder!

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Oh my god ! Soo cute @GenXNewb ! I must have one when it release !

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it looks so good and cute

Hey @GenXNewb! Can you check the skinning for female representation? The vertices should be weighted 100% to the hip bone.

Screen Shot 2022-02-13 at 19.00.17
Screen Shot 2022-02-13 at 19.00.27

And for the male representation, the pants need some fixes because it’s clipping with the upper body. Can you fix them, please?


Shibu, Thank you for the comments. I will fix them,

Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.

Shibu, I want to thank you again. I think I got it right now. I forgot about the weight painting part. This is my first set. The next ones should be smoother. I will not submit them until I check them better in the future. This set though on the male form has some colliding on two shirts. Well, In Decentraland I have some items that collide a little here and there. for instance my dragon rider Pants and my MetaZoo OG Glow high tops. The shoes go up into the pants. For the most part, it works on the male form.

I appreciate the experience,


these pants are awesome! nice work with the skinning! collection approved!

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Hello, Shibu. I have made some revisions. I have learned a ton. And, someone said I can resubmit. Is this true and how would I do this?
I made a male form also for both pants but I fixed some glitchy stuff on the female also.
I appreciate your time

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