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BEE HUMAN by Acool55

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Bee Human Winged Tee

Bee Human Hoodie Black

Hello! Please fix below points before approvation:

  • Max tris count allowed is 1500.

  • Max material and texture number is 2.

  • Tee: Update the female representation, hips clipping.

  • Hoodie: There is a skin weight issue with the neck, check “clap” animation

  • Please provide IP rights of “Bee Human” brand to

Let me know @ when you are done :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your revision. I’m new here so please be patient if my questions are very basic. I have a person making my wearables and I sent all the comments to her.
Can you please explain what is needed as IP rights to be sent to legal?
As a reference, I am an environmental street artist
and BEE HUMAN is an Art Campaign to raise awareness to the protection of honey bees.
Please be so kind to explain what kind of document is needed to prove IP.
Thank you. Luca (Acool55)

Hello @acool55 !
About your IP question: Bee human is a brand
I checked your website and seen your project, maybe you want to write to the legal about this name issue and your creatvie project.

Hi, I actually have a US copyright registration for BEE HUMAN…

Hey @acool55 !
Please forward this to
@tag me here once your are ready with the technical updates :slight_smile:

Will do. Thank you so much for all your help.

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Hello @acool55 !
I took a look at your updates, please fix the following:

Bee Human Hoodie Black:

  • Upper and lower body are disconnected, check hips rigging and make sure there are no disconnection (check “dance” animation)
  • Neck is disconnected as well, presenting holes. see image
  • Connect hands to the arms, see image
  • Female representation clips, check “dance” animation and hips/legs skinning.
  • Add back geometry to avoid see-through, mesh are not double sided in-game, see image

Bee Human Winged Tee

  • Add back geometry to avoid see-through (lower side view)
  • There is a little issue on the right hand thumb, some black paint

For both check if you want to add any description and tag before approvation :slight_smile:

I have received revision 3 and swapped it. let me know if these works. Thank you.

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Hello @acool55 ! Collection approved!