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Be Rare, Be Pepe

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Rare Pepe Shirt Male

Rare Pepe Shirt Female

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991


  1. This vertex seem to be misrigged:

  2. Clipping issue:

  3. Otherwise models are good to go BUT - did you know, you could pack both male and female representations into one wearable? And in place of the second wearable you already paid for, you can make something completely different - a hat, boots or maybe another T, all without additional fees.


can u check now @AndreusAs ?

we see it similar to this one


The issue #2 has been resolved, the issue #1 still persists.

And what about the third part of my reply? It’s not an issue, but basically you have already paid for two items, while you could have paid for only one item with two representations in it. It could be more rational to add one of your current items as a representation of another and then make a completely new wearable in it’s place.

can u check now @AndreusAs if its approved? ill then see if I submit another one, need this for an event asap, thanks!

Hey, collection approved!

hi @AndreusAs can u check our changes? we made both, both genders, let me know!

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hey, one of the wearables (that has both representations, male and female) is good to go, another one - is absolutely identical to the male representation of the other, it’s not allowed. Consider changing it into something completely different.