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BAT-MANA With NEON coating

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Hi! Checking collection now!

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Do you have ip rights to use picture behind “W” on your icon?
Can you send them here? thank you!

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also, add to hiding list this categories:

  • eyewear
  • earrings
  • helmet
  • mask

Hi, thanks for checking! Yes, it is the brand logo created for the store used for all publications. All rights reserved! I’ve already hidden everything! Stay tuned!

good day! @theankou not reviewed yet? I look forward to approval please!

You sent IP rights confirmation to

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hello!! Yes! I sent it to the corresponding email address at the same time you asked me to send it! I am waiting for the approval of the design. Attached is a screenshot of the email sent on the 21st! I look forward to approval!

Hey bro! @theankou Good morning! The logo rights have already been sent, and we have several publications with the same! We need the model to be approved! Thank you very much in advance!

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collection approved! :+1:

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Muchas gracias!!! Buenos dias!