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Ban Hammer

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Hey! I’ll have a look now~

Looks super fun! Really cool branding~

Currently the thumbnail isn’t transparent, can you update this plz:

Is this ok, the face is looking a bit funny in game and might be some flipped normals maybe? (around eyes and mouth:

Can you shoot a statement claiming ownership or confirmation to use the logos on this design?

Once that’s all done I can approve!
Thank you~

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Added the Transparent Png…

Email send asset was from shutterstock

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Thanks! I’ll let you know when legal gets back with approval!

I am frustrated. What are my options?. We have an event we are trying to get people to come into DCL and need this char for a game we are making. Can I take the asset I paid for off and have it white without the hammer again I bought. Can you cancel the 100 mana order and i redo it without the hammer?

Hey @metaartz ,
Sorry for the delay and currently there’s no refunds since it’s minted to the blockchain. The approval process sometimes takes time when legal needs to confirm branding IP, any issues with the model and also time to make updated required. Always happy to discuss! Would really hate you to be feeling frustrated and stressed~
Re-reviewing this still has some issues with the eyes currently and female model seems to be attached to male. Can you please update and tag me so I can re-review when it’s ready?

Let me know!

do I have the option to remove the hammer in my next revision? If so I will remove it so we don’t have to wait on legal .

I fully understand you are doing what is required. no worries and thank you!

Yep, legal got back and it’s ok! If you want to remove the hammer it’s up to you~
If you can make those quality updates then it can be approved ASAP!

The collection has been assigned to michitodd