Collection 'B.A.Y.C.' created by CryptoLogical#bdbd is ready for review!

Hello, thanks for tagging me in this. Just reading back at the discussion and letting everyone know any form of bullying, name calling or targeted behaviour is a form of harassment and never acceptable.

Currently from what I can see this wearable is currently disabled maybe due to a request to make updates. Not sure, either way the committee also gets approval from legal also around logos and IP~

If @Metapod can ensure you have sent an email to legal with confirmation that you have permissions to use this logo then it can be re-reviewed by @Lauretta when she’s available. I’m sure any harassment that has taken place will also get reviewed so please treat everyone with respect. (which is also why you can’t delete posts in the forum)


Aye aye captain. God bless you all

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