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Axie Sisters x

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Axie Sisters NFT Hoodie

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@Lauretta @Shibu
Hi guys, can we accept this item?

Looks like there are some unmerged vertices that are causing small gaps in the geometry


@Chestnutbruze @Lauretta @Sango sorry for long reply, its fixed now :slight_smile:

@grimey @Yannakis could u also take a look?

@Chestnutbruze @Shibu @Lauretta @grimey @Sango could some of you please take a look at this collection? it’s been quite a while since submission… :frowning:

hello @johnnyclock I will take a look now thanks for letting us know also checking in @Chestnutbruze

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hello @johnnyclock everything seems correct so except for a black tringle in the right hand however I will approve it as soon as I can and let you check that later on