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Leopard fur coat

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Collection approved!

Hello Mr. @Yannakis , It seems that the photo of the file is not transparent.


Yeah i noticed that. Not a huge issue since it has the correct color tho. @OlegKhartov can you please replace the thumbnail with a one that has transparent background?


Hello @OlegKhartov - can you contact me? @tangpoko on twitter
I noticed that your pricing changed rapidly after I purchased. Dropped 60%!

@yannakis @michi


Yeah @OlegKhartov - while you’re free to set the price like you want, however it isn’t very smart to decrease a high initial price by 60% and p*ss off a very respected homie of the DCL community who bought the first piece as an early bird.

I am not affected and was pleased when it cost only 19,99 now - but if I were you, I’d give tang now two additional wearables for free to compensate a good customer.

Just my two cents - as I did that mistake once and (never again) on my bday as a special sale and learned my lessons from that. And this advice was now free :innocent:


Oh, yes, I’ve done it now!

Give me your wallet, I’ll send you two more fur coats!

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Nice approved the changes!

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I made a transparent background, but now I see this

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Perfect! 0x2fcD5b84e04ea940affF17173e67eC64376E1DfC

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