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Automatic Slim

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Rocket Pack

P.O.T. Head

P.O.T. Head T-shirt

hi can you go into the builder of this collection to get it to appear in the curators tab

The collection has been assigned to Sango

sure, what do I have to do? does it not appear once I push publish ?

its there now, sometimes if you leave the builder too soon then it doesnt get pushed to the curators tab, but if you just go back into the collection in the builder it pushes it automatically.

could you reduce this down to 2 textures rather than 4?

sure will let you know when I changed it

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@Sango I have changed the rocket to have 2 textures let me know if I need to change anything else

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could you clean the hip line up on the male version of the top?

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@Sango I upload it, you should have model fixed now

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This collection has been approved