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Atmos Jetpack

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Atmos | Prototype Jetpack

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hey! Please, consider re-uploading the model, it doesn’t seen to load properly in the world.|


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Hi Sorry for late reply - Please check now, I have reuploaded the files.


Hey! There seem to be a bug in the builder, reported to the devs, stay tuned for the update on this.

Hey! Just reporting, that the issue is still being resolved by the devs, will return once they are done with it.

Hey again!

There seem to be a “neutral_bone” in the skeleton hierarchy of the model file. Consider making the hierarchy similar to the one, provided with the avatar model, reupload the wearable and tag me here once it’s done.


Hi @AndreusAs - I have reuploaded and checked the neutral bone, it looks all fine now. Please check and approve - Thank you.

Hey, collection approved!