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HODL Cash Backpack

ARTISANT Iconic Wings

ARTISANT Sunglasses

** WAGMI Sunglasses**


Glasses for CASH

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  • the best way will be to use backpack + upper body model, as upper body cateogry
    you can also change category to earring / top_head / tiara, but then, you will need to add additional model, to match any of this categories


  • best category for wings is top_head category with something added on top of head
    wings do not match helmet category, also you can use earring category, but then, you will need to add earring model, to match earring category


all wearables seems to be broken in-game, usually this happens when skeleton have bones with _end suffix, deleting all bones with _end suffix should fix this issue

you can test your wearables in-game, by going inside of collection and clicking “see in-world” button

The collection has been assigned to theankou