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Aquarium T Shirt Logo

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T Shirt Aquarium


Hello, Is there a problem with the wearable? It is quite time sensitive because of the nature of the event we are putting on. Would I be able to get an update on this?


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Hey @4skin thanks for your submission. Your item is not showing, it may be an exporting issue or something wrong with the skinning. Please test your t-shirt inside the tool by clicking the preview button next to the item.
Thank you!


We have swapped out the shirt for a new one that looks like it is correct!
Please let me know if all is good, if this works our MMA collection is also ready, thanks again!


Would it be possible to add a female shirt to this collection as well?
If so will upload female shirt now, thanks!

Sure, you can add a female representation. Let us know when you are ready.

Great work, when adding female representation take into consideration that you will need to upload a separate model with slightly different proportions. Hip heights are different for both representations. Please use Wearables Reference Models.
Thank you!


Can you guys let me know how I can add it to a collection that is already submitted?
Thanks for all the help!


Sure, You will need to go to your collection, click on the item name and then on the three dots located on the upper right corner

I want to add the female representation while this shirt is still being minted and approved, but cannot find the edit representation button anywhere? I apologize again for asking but can you help me out, this is what I see when I click the 3 buttons.

Hey!! click here, then you will find the option you are looking for.