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Aquarium Hosts

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CasinoHostVest Purple

CasinoHostVest Turqouise



Very nice collection! :star_struck:

Right now the wearables only apply for male representation. Don’t you want to add the female representation as well?


Yes we will be rolling out some pretty cool Women representation in our wearables as well! Look out for some cool new stuff coming in the near future!

Hey! Just checking you don’t want to add a female representation to this collection before publishing. It won’t load for female avatars, they would need to switch to a male avatar in order to wear these items.

Would it be possible to add the female representation after, we are currently working on it. Can we push this then add to it?

Thanks Kat,


Hey David, these look awesome! Just my two gwei, but you would want to add the female rep before minting to avoid problems in the future. Hypothetically, you could do it tho.

Side note - working on some uniforms for our host at tomi and I have to say these are so good it made my heart drop a little lol!! Going to be tough to compete ser!

Hey Saus,

Appreciate that brother! We worked hard on staying consistent with the theme, I’m sure the tomi hosts will be just as cool. So excited to get it going. My question would be, could we mint this collection and add a female rep after? Our designer will need some time and we would love to push these out ASAP to start with the launch. Let me know your thoughts.

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Hi! I don’t think it’s possible to add another representation after a collection has been minted. I’m investigating further and will confirm as soon as possible.

It is possible to add another representation to an item after minting. It is not possible to change the name of a collection, its rarity or the amount of items that make up the collection.