Collection 'Ape's3d #41 Backpack/Vr Headset' created by DrGreenthumb is ready for review!

Ape’s3d #41 Backpack/Vr Headset

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Ape’s 3d #41 jetpack/vr headset

Ape’s 3d #41 backpack

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Can you please reject this because the owner of the art is now not ok with using the backpack. The jetpack ape and vr headset are good to go

Shame these ones look really cool, I have to telI you that I believe you will lose the inverted mana in these wearables if I reject it. However Up until the moment I approve them you can change the models names description and tags. @DrGreenthumb do you want to change the backpack model?

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Hey @DrGreenthumb, I’d suggest you to do what @Lauretta said and use the 3D model of one of your Apes 3D. You have a great collection and would be amazing to see of yours in Decentraland :wink:

The backpack cannot be used because of the shirt,owner changed his mind. I was told the only thing i can do is have this collection rejected. Had to resubmit my jetpack ape with vr already. And lose 1k mana because what was ok for a month, wasnt fine after i submitted. @Josep cant just swap the ape its the shirt i cant use with design now. @Lauretta have no idea what to do hard to get help and correct answers while losing 1k mana.

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There needs to be a way to pull a item from the collection,so people dont lose all the mana from the whole collection. It has now cost me 1500 mana to do my jetpack ape wearable just to mint.

if I understand correctly the problem is the shirt, not the backpack monkey? it’s because of the logo?, if that’s so you can reupload the model of the tshirt with a new texture its that the case
by pressing on the pencil on the side of the model you can change the glb.

if you mean that you have already uploaded the other models in another collection, that’s okay I will reject it. sorry if these are too many questions @DrGreenthumb

Ok thank you so much for the help. Please give me some time to reupload items and get this fixed @Lauretta . Was really bummed thinking i lost 1k mana.

sure no problem @DrGreenthumb

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sorry for double post let me know when you upload them

Oh I see, then I said nothing :slight_smile: