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Apes 3D Backpack - Santa

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Apes 3D Backpack - Santa

Checking this out now :+1:

Hey this exceeds the triangle limit by quite a bit, 2300 currently, triangle limit is 1500. Please keep it closer to the limit

We have reduced the triangle count to a maximum, but we are currently trying to reload the files for male and female but can only replace one of the two genders because we are not given the option for stacking

We have uploaded the fixed files to our google drive you if you can support us by replacing them as we have issues here thank you very much in advance!


Hey this process should work:

First go here, press pencil and upload, male or female.

Then go here and press ‘’…’’ ''add female / male representation"

I found the pencil uploaded the female version but now im trying to find the second part when i click on the 3 dots the “Add male representation” dont show up in the Builder “Menu”.

Finally found it =) Thank you very much just fixed it!

Great, approved :+1: