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Ice Ape

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Love this, just reviewing now~

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This is almost good to go, if you can provide licensing from NINTENDO to and just adjust some clipping on the knee this will be good to go. If you dont have permissions please update your design to be unique.

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Hi, i don’t have a license from Nintendo. They don’t offer IP licenses anymore so i am going to have to update the design.

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Do i just resubmit under edit representation?

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You can update the glb and content in builder and start via the little pencil in the top right of the editer:

I recommend designing something completely original rather than trying to shift something to try to look less IP. So even an ape you would like to represent yourself!
Look forward to the new original submission~

Ok i’ve resubmitted a new unique original ice ape! thanks

The new updated ICE APE is in and resubmitted

This is almost good to go if you can just reduce the tri’s to be closer to 5000 then just tag me when it’s updated~

ok i will re do, really thought this would be approved.

It used to be around 6k tri count

Alright it has been reduced down to 5k Thank you!! @michi

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Hey @ApeNoTrustMan this is all approved, really good job getting the tri count down~
Just give builder a good minute and if there’s any issues let me know!
Thank you

Thankss a million! super smooth process for my first wearable submission!!

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kindly asking to have ICE Poker removed from the wearable name to avoid confusion @michi
pretty much a direct rip off of ICE Poker as well

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@ApeNoTrustMan this has been disabled until further notice, please update the tags to be a clearer representation of the item.

Alright will do, i did not know i could not use ice in my tag.

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alright its all done please re-enable this item

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I’ve closed this off and thank you for updating. :pray: