Collection 'AnyMagik RP2EG | Villager Suits' created by Anymagik is ready for review!

male lv5:

  • jacket seems to be the same as lv4, is it intended?

male lv1:

  • jacket have issues with hands part

other jackets seems fine

male pants lv1:

male pants lv4;

all other male pants have the same issue

let me know when you will push fixes for all listed models!

For the sizes i know what you mean but i’m sorry it cannot be done as some of our pants are made to be fitting with the tops and if we adjust it as the standart legs, it will conflict with the rest of our suits

I fixed all of what you feedbacked me but this one is looking strange, it works on my builder but not on yours apparently idk why…

I forgot to mention you btw @theankou :slight_smile:

thank you! i will check collection now :slight_smile:

looks like models in collection are not updated, let me know when you will push all updates, so i will be able to check them in-world, thank you @NairuZa

They are all updated @theankou

well, this armor seems old. (as well as all female armor issues that i listed)

male pants is fine now.

please, let me know when you will push fixes for all issues that i listed, thank you! builder and dcl in-world kinda buggy and requires sometime to go to in-world and test all things, i dont want to waste my time to check everything one by one and notice that whole list of issues still not fixed. just fix all issues that i wrote and then let me know when everything is done, thank you! sorry if i’m too serious :slight_smile: (hmm, maybe you just forgot to update female models?)

Nope its okay don’t worry :slight_smile:

I just want to know what do you think of the weighting issues of the dresses, i don’t know where it comes from and / or what bone to weight at what part for thiese dresses, these ones are kinda mindfreak if you could just help me with a thought and suggest / tell me what i could do with them :slight_smile: @theankou

I think weight dress to leg bones with blend to hip bone should help, as I noted you already have 1 dress that works fine and don’t overlap with legs so you just should do the same for all other dresses, also don’t forget to close holes and add thickness if needed as I mentioned in issues list before

Hey @theankou :slight_smile:

I think we fixed all the wearable for the approval but please do not approve them until we made the thumbnails and that we give you the start to approve them because we would like to put them in the Marketplace on a date and time that we’ve chosen if it’s possible, if they are all ready just put the mention “Ready For Approval” instead :wink:

Thank you a lot @theankou :slight_smile:

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thank you for update, i will check your collection today

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I updated only 1 thumbnail for the Female Dress Lvl 1, please tell me if i need to reduce the wooden square or it is okay for the rarity space that people can actualy see that it’s an uncommon wearable :slight_smile: Idk if there is a rule for that :slight_smile: @theankou

thumbnails should have transparent background, currently your thumbnail covers whole square, so if you want to leave border, would be good if you will remove background behind avatars and let it be transparent, full sqaure images with background are not allowed :frowning:


marked part of all pants models vertices should be asigned to 1 to hip bone, to avoid overlaps with body (some of pants seems asigned to hip bone, but still have some very small influence from other bones, causing some noticeable weird movements of vertices)
level 5 pants have gap between body and pants, needs to be fixed

level 4 still missing thickness

level 2 arms looks very skinny, is it intended?

level 5 still missing thickness

level 1 marked part should be asigned to 1 to neck bone (the same issue for all dress)

So i can just put it transparent and leave the borders here?

Because the background is in the same rarity color @theankou

yes, but borders should have less thickness

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Hey @theankou could you tell me if that is possible?