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Anon coat

Anon backpack & sweater

Anon mask

i will review this now

please make a new model for the female representation as there is clipping when using the male on the female body

There is already a mask the looks like this. could you change the mask model so it is different?

Awaiting the committee’s response

I have now checked everything and have come to the conclusion that it is better if I only offer these cloth only for men. I’ve only uploaded them for men now. In the future I will strictly separate this. I hope that everything is ok now and the wearables can be minted soon. Thanks.

could you change the design of the mask so it isn’t the same as a previous collections item?

As far as I can see, this mask has not yet been uploaded. I specifically checked the market. Can you send me a link to the item?

@DECypher look at this message

there is a 1/1 already made of this item

submitted 7 months ago

You mean this one? This is a complete different design because it’s from a wrestler. Mine is from anonymous. :slight_smile:

Ah ok. Then I will change it very fast. :slight_smile: Thank you.

Or is it possible to upload it because it’s a other form? The first one is a smooth one and mine is with a metallic look and not smooth. I have created the whole concept on anonymous. It would be very bad if it doesn’t work out :confused:

Yours looks too similar i am afraid and will need editing

Ok, i understand. What if i change it in a black metallic colour with white beard and white eyebrows?

I have another option. Will upload it today. Thank you for your understanding and your time :slight_smile:

I’m done with the mask. I hope that fits so far. I am looking forward to your answer. Have a nice evening. :slight_smile:

looks great, could you check the materials on the backback/hoody?

Thanks. Of course. What should i change?