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**Keravnóphor **

  • Description: The Stormbearer; the dynamic and energetic aspects of your digi
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: helmet
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Hello! will check this now

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Tech is good!

  • Could you slightly reduce the emission power for “Keravnóphor” ?
  • “Keravnóphor” helmet add wearables override: mask, hair, tiara, facial hair, eyewear, hat, earring.
  • “Keraphor” helmet add wearables override: mask, hair, tiara, eyewear, hat
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Hi Hello Fabeeobreen!
Thank you so much for jumping on this so quickly. Good to know that the tech is ok.
(These are my first wearables for the DCLMF23.)
just completed the amends.

  • I added those overrides for both.
  • I reduced the emission on Keravnóphor from 2 to 0.66. (looks much better this way too)
    Hope that’ll qualify them :smiley:
    Thanks again!
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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hey @Ogi !
All is good! I’m waiting for gas fees to reduce in order to approve the collection. I’ll keep yo posted!

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Hey @fabeeobreen
That’s fantastic. Glad to hear it’s a pass.
Yeah gas has been relentless recently.
I think all the live Music Fest wearable backpack pick-ups are in a massive queue atm until it eases out a bit :sweat_smile:

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Collection is approved! @Ogi :slight_smile:

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Amazing! thank you very much!

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