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Animal Friends

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Hey there; I believe there was an error with your model I cant see anything in the builder

please reciew the model and let me know when you do it

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Hello, I have just seen this. It was working before, I will try get it back to the way it was. I will send the finished product when I have fixed the issue

It should be working now

Nice @unnamed I can see the parrot Just a coupla of things:

  • Rig the model tothe head so that if keeps the same animation it’s funny to see the parrot above the head but sometimes it’s floating in the air
  • please the change the thumbnail it has to be a transparent png of 512x512 so that the rarity can be viewed perfectly


That should be all the amends. If you need anything more, let me know.

yep, everything is ready to go approved nice work!

Thank you very much. I’m glad everything is working fine

oooh homer theres a bird on your head, I know hes grooming me xD hahaha so need this

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Its published. It is available on the market place