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Angzaar Outpost Chapter I

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Cyberpunk Drone Mk. I

Cyberpunk Glitch Goggles

Cyberpunk Nano Breather

Cyberpunk Nanoweave Shell

Cyberpunk Synth Legs

Cyberpunk Jetsteppers

Dunepunk Drone Mk. I

Dunepunk Sandblockers

Dunepunk Plated Garb

Dunepunk Plated Guards

Dunepunk Sandstriders

Shrouded Wanderer’s Attire

I will check collection now!

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hello, you will need to do this things for collection approval:

  1. Remove from overrides → wearables list categories that wearable match (example top_head, overrides top_head, in this case your wearable will hide itself on LIVE server)

  2. Remove RING element on thumbnail background to follow this guidelines

  3. Add missing female representations for upper_body and lower_body wearables
    (marked area is the issue)

  4. remove/add this categories in overrides → wearables list:

nano breather:

  • remove mask
  • add earring

plated garm:

  • earring

plated guards:

  • for some reason all categories included to list, remove them all (from all overrides categories)
  1. remove/add this categories in overrides → base body list:

plated garm:

  • hands

wanderer attire:

  • hands

We have made the requsted changes!

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Hi @lastraum, all seems good now
one last thing that needs to be done (sorry, i forgot to mention this previously)

for upper_body wearables that have custom gloves / hands you will need additionally hide (add to overrides → wearables list) this category:

(nanowave shell, plated garb, wanderers attire)

  • handwear

the reason for that is some overlapping issues that may happen between wearables (users will be able to manually unhide handwears if they want through inventory)

the rest is OK, let me know when you will push changes, i’ll approve collection, thank you!

ah ok thank you. we’ve made the necessary updates to the hand category,.

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looks like nothing is changed, make sure to add hanwear category to this list:

overrides → wearables (not overrides → base body)


Sorry about that. I reached out to our modeler and they have made the updates. Thank you!

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@lastraum collection approved!