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Angel’s Envy

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Angel’s Envy Barrel Backpack

Angel’s Envy Bar Apron

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991


  1. Minor clipping issues here. It’s not really possible to fix these completely, but try to negate them as much as possible.

  1. A see-through here:

  1. A see-through there:

Otherwise it’s good to go.


  1. Oh, also consider adding some actual earring models to the backpack - so that the current category isn’t misleading.

Hey, developer of the models here. As you noted, fixing the clipping issue for the backpack isn’t possible and we’ve worked to negate this issue as much as possible - please see male avatar as well, the issues are even lesser on them.

Are adding earrings to the wearable a necessity? This would not be compatible with the brand’s style - therefore not able to be implemented. Judging as how most aura’s are in “Top Head”, example being Estee Lauder’s - I can’t imagine this being too much of an issue.

So if that’s all good, would love has the backpack approved while we work on your normal face preferences for the apron, thanks!

Apron should be updated with your requests! Please let us know if there’s any further issues, and we’ll sort them out right away :slight_smile:

Hey! Got it, the backpack is good to go then.

Just another slight issue with the apron - it’s belt clips through the apron a bit during running animation, I marked th places on the screenshot:

Fix for approval.


Updated! Hope it’s all good now :slight_smile:

Hey, collection approved!