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Angel Wings from the Ice Kingdom

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Ice’s Angels

  • Description: Watch out you might get the chills wearing this outfit
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: tiara

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This is really cool, I’ll just review now~

Hey @DaveCote , looking really cool~
Just two minor things before approval. Can you possibly update the item name to another ‘ice’ cold descriptive word, at the moment we’ve had an influx of faux ICE poker wearables (DecentralGames) which is causing some confusion in the market. So to avoid any funny business or any future complaints I would recommend just updating the item name.

Currently theres really slight clipping with the arms when moving and if you can confirm the length is within 2.45m then this is all good~

Feel free to let me know when it’s all updated and I’ll re-review~

Hi @michi thanks for reviewing all my wearables so far! I fixed the name and the slight clipping of the arm. Also the length is at 2.42m when I measure it in blender, I did not know there was a max length for the wearables. The wings are now kind of floating in the air, I think it’s a cool effect but tell me if it’s better for it to be connected to the body or if it doesn’t matter. I made the changes in the editor, but do I need to republish it somehow or it’s ok to only modify the wearable in the editor? Again, thank you for the review!

Hi @michi, I slightly changed the thumbnail, but because of it I think it needs to be reapproved.