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Angel & Devil

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Hi! Checking collection now!

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Please, reduce triangle count to 5500-6000, thank you! :sweat_smile:
also, remove top_head from hiding list :+1:

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for both wearables, thank you!

Hello I put the collection back online without fixing it sorry, I will fix all the bugs today

All bugs are fixed the collection is ready

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  • materials limit 6
  • textures limit 6

reduce please :slight_smile:

Hello I do not understand I use 6 equipment but once sent I am counted 9 how is this possible?

you should merge parts that use the same material and texture
limit for materials - 6
limit for textures - 6

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The problem is solved ! :slight_smile: @theankou

Hi! All good now! One small issue left and we are done :+1:
the chain, can you weight to 1 for hip bone? right now it it breaks because of weights on both of legs

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If I’m not mistaken everything is perfect, thank you for everything @theankou

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Hello, I just saw that a lot of details are wrong on the sales image, which completely distorts the wearable, can you fix the gilding on the belt please @theankou

sorry, but i cant change that because it’s created automatically according to your glb files
collection approved btw!

however, you can try to set metallic and specular to 0 and roughness to 1, that way model should work fine in preview window

it’s already the case I don’t understand, the problem is not mine

In the game it’s ok but not on the sales image I don’t understand

why the rendering on the site is not like on the game? I can’t understand can you help me please

game use one render, marketplace and builder use another render settings, that the case
if your GLB files use metallic and specular (any number above 0), that the reason why you have weird preview on market. I recommend you to set everything except roughness and emission to zero, that way you will have indentical preview on marketplace

Also belt may look weird, because you may have inverted normals, check them too please