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Among Pixel Pets

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Trap Among Us Pixel Pet


LFG this is so cool :heart_eyes:

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This is def getting IP flagged

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Let’s gooo buddy this is fireee

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Cannot approve because:

Please change the design to approve.

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Has been changed, thanks

Has been changed, thanks

Are you the owner of United Frogs IP? → Login • Instagram or have consent from their side?

No sorry, has since been changed, should be good now.

No sorry, has since been changed, should be okay now.

Hello, I noticed this has been pending for quite a while and you’re waiting on a reply. I’ll have a look at this now and that you for being so patient! It’s really appreciated ~

Just reviewing this I think it’s not currently set up correctly, you’ll see it’s a whirlwind glitch. I noticed it’s tiara so maybe meant to be more of a mask?


Can I get you to update it to be mask category and also please review how many tri and materials are being used?

Current guidelines request for game compatibility it should be 500 tris for accessories, 2materials/2textures~
Let me know how you go and we’ll get this approved ASAP

Oh crap i didnt even realize!! silly mistake my bad ill see what i can do

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