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Amnesia Clubber Heads

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Amnesia Clubber Head

Clubber Head Night

Clubber Head Light

Reviewing this now :+1:

Hey, looks like “Amnesia clubber head” and “Clubber head night” are both hiding the Upper body & Head, however “Clubber head light” is not


Which is the correct one? can you fix it so it is consistent between all the wearables?

@Saus, if you want to correctly match with you other collection and other wearables, please don’t include upper body on the hide list.
Thank you!

@Chestnutbruze @vrglitch hey guys, thanks so much for the feedback. I have removed the upper body. So the two clubber collections should go together as intended, and the head should be able to be used with other wearables - while the upper body is still hidden under cloak.

Hey @Saus ! The black / night hood still has the upper body hidden and it’s not hiding facial hair like the other ones, once you make these last changes I will approve it :slight_smile:

And lastly there is no description, not a must have but i noticed your previous collection has it, so you have a chance to add that to this one before approval

ok @Chestnutbruze they should be good to go. no worries about the description

Okay, approved @Saus :slight_smile: