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Aluna x DG Poodle Squad

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Aluna x DG Headphones


reviewing this now :+1:


the max amount of materials for each wearable is 2, this currently has 4 materials.


Noticed you are using 1 material for each color. A better way to do it is to use 1 material with a colormap that includes all the colors and a emissive texture in the emissive channel if you require glow.

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I’ve made an effort to reduce the number of materials being used.

I am, however a little confused, because I’ve never had this problem before, and the DCL wearables limitation FAQ mentions “2 textures” as the limit, it says nothing at all about materials.
In the terminology that I’m used to, “texture” refers to an image file, and “material” or “shader” applies to a shading network that may or may not include a texture file within.

Regardless, I’ve reduced this down to three materials and two texture sheets.
One material provides the fake gold reflection, and includes a texture.
The second material provides the logos and cyan coloring, and includes a texture.
The third material is a duplicate of the second, and is applied only to the areas that glow. It uses the second texture sheet connected to two node inputs on the shader (diffuse and emission).
I’ve provided the GLB to @NFTCreatorTours and it should be updated some time today.

I’ve tried baking the logo and the gold together into one sheet, but 512x512 is insufficient resolution to fit them both together and still have the logo legible. Our only next step from here is to remove the glow altogether, but I’d really hate to do that, being that emission was something that the client was big on.

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Hi there! We have reduced the file to 2 textures and 2 materials and the wearable should be good to go could you kindly please check and approve? Thank you so much,

These look amazing! :fire: :heart_eyes:

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Approved it just now! :+1:

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Thank you so much!! yayyyy!

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Hi there @Chestnutbruze ! How are you? Hey no idea how or why but it seems the headphones were stuck on yellow, asked me to push changes, but there are no changes as far as I’m aware :scream: Are you able to take a look? thank you so much and hope you are having a good week. There has been nothing done to the headphones, so maybe it was some other change with the pricing or something not sure.

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