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Alter Heaven Collection

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AH Kicks

AH Hoodie

DeuS pants

Retro tech sun glasses

DeuS Totem

The collection has been assigned to theankou

all models is broken in-world, to fix this issue you will need to delete all bones with _end suffix

to test wearables in-world, go to collection → hit three dots → click on see in-world button

also, DeuS Totem category should be changed to top_head, or if you want to leave it at tiara slot, then you should add additional model that will match category

let me know when you will push updates, thank you!

We have already updated it. Can you review it? Thank you!

well, looks like models doesnt have skeleton anymore

Hi! You mean that they are not working properly?
We tested wearables with the “See in world” tool and everything was working fine.

Thank you!

should work fine in builder too, let me know when you will push update
currently wearables seems like in T-pose in builder

Done! Wearables updated. I hope it works now. Thanks

add thickness or close hole (emission works fine, i just use low settings to clearly see hole)

wearable part should not overlap with standard wearables in marked area

shoes overlaps with standard legs

pants have hole on female version

I have updated the wearables. These errors are fixed. Thanks

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Hi @gph i will check collection now

collection approved!