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Alo Spring 2023 Collection

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Alo Accolade Hoodie

Alo Accolade Sweatpant

Alo Bucket Hat

Hello checking this now

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen


  • Alo Accolade Hoodie : add back-geometry to avoid holes in the hoodie, both female, male (see image)
  • Alo Accolade Sweatpant : good to go!
  • Alo Bucket Hat : hide > hair , helmet, tiara ( you will need to create custom hair if you want hair down the hat)
    Let @ me know here when you are ready! :slight_smile:

Hi @fabeeobreen, thanks for reviewing our art!

We have made each of these updates. FYI, the hoodie now a single unisex wearable.

Thank you!

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Hello @sawhorse-noah !

  • Hat and Pants are good to go!
  • Hoodie rigging is ok for both representation while there is still a little see-thorugh behind the neck.
    Items are single sided in game and there you have polygons facing one side only.
    You can add new polygons to close the gap between neck and hoodie
    or you can snap hoodies vertices to neck’s vertices, making sure they have full skin weights on the neck bone.
    You can visualize this issue in blender> go to material settings: activate “Backface culling”

Hi @fabeeobreen,

Thank you for continuing to work with us on this!

We have updated the hoodie with your suggestions. Please let us know if this works better!


Can we please cancel these items? We set the wrong quantity for rarity.

Is there a way to cancel the creation of these items and create new items with a different rarity?

Hello @sawhorse-noah
This is not possible, you would need to create and publish a new collection.

  • wearables are good! Let me know if you want to proceed with approvation

Hi @fabeeobreen,

Ok, we are ready to publish and release this collection!

Collection approved! :slight_smile: @sawhorse-noah