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Almighty First Collection I

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Harrison First Helmet

Cobra 777 All Blk Leather Jacket

**Hero 3000 Dad Shoe **


Hi it seems that the preview above for the jacket doesn’t show properly, it does show to us in the builder 5

Please confirm once minted it should look like in my attachment here.

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Hey Oble, cool collection! Please try to optimise the jacket and helmet geometry to around 1300 tris each. Thanks!

All done, it should be ready to go. I lowered the triangles for both items as requested. Enjoy your day, Thank you

Hello guys I would like to please request for change of Description to: “please migrate” as I am hoping to have this collection listed on OpenSea under Decentraland wearables on Polygon



Should we be worried if the shoes says unsynced in the builder ?


Hi @Kat we pushed an update for this collection also can we please transfer under official Decentraland collection on OpenSea ?

Please :slight_smile:

Hi Oble, I’m looking into this with @Malloy, will let you know asap.

Oki guys, I will wait for your reply :slight_smile: :angel:

Hey Oble, sorry for the delay! A request has been put in tor another curator to re-approve your collection as I don’t have the required permissions. Hope it gets sorted soon, if you have any issues just reach out.

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hey, collection re-approved!