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Aliens Are Real

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Green Alien Head

Giving my alien a bump!

Happy to have found DCL… it introduced me to Blender and the world of 3d. Noob but trying!

Feedback appreciated! Listing fee is taxing on me so really hope you all like this!

Step 1. Head
Step 2. Body
Step 3. LAND to build a rocket ship. :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2021-12-12 at 1.08.16 PM

Sorry to pester, just checking too see how/when the committee reviews?

Trying to get this going so I can save for the body and a special balloon, buy land, and build a rocket ship :grimacing:

Hey! nice work. Your item is having issues on the neck. Please work on the head with upper body intersection to better match with other items.

Please refer to the guide and use reference models in order to make the adjustments.


Have a good day!
Thank you

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Thank you so much for getting back to me!

I intend for the head to “float” a bit. I’ll bring it a but higher and ensure it doesn’t interfere with upper body and/or clothing.

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@vrglitch @collections I raised the helmet up a bit and left the neck enabled. Please take a look and let me know!

Hi! Please take another look :eyes: and approve. Thank you!

Thank you, collection approved

Thank you. Hope you have a happy holiday season, and thank you for the work! You all probably need more people to help!

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Hello @vrglitch, i pushed an update to this item to not hide “top-head” so the rocket can accompany the helmet.

collection approved!

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