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Adam & Eve

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Nature’s Pants

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Hi all - this wearable should have both a male and female version, that is different for each model (yellow eyes male, purple eyes female).

Awesome collection!

In order to not have this kind of issues please use default avatar skin texture
Avatar_FemaleSkinBase.png provided with Wearable Reference Models


Also you may want to adjust uv overlapping .

Thank you!

@vrglitch thank you for review - the ‘naked’ look is a key component since the snake aims to look like it’s covering someone in the wild.

I will look at fixing the UV map there and see if i can remove the line from the front lower body, the line on back I thought looked quite good as a little cheeky butt! :sweat_smile:

Great! so in that case please add it also to the male representation skin.
Thank you

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Good catch! Will do!

@vrglitch tidied up the character models and did what I could with UV shearing, the shear was due to a deconstruction modifier to reduce polygon count so couldn’t completely remove.

Great work! Approved. Thank you.

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