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Acura Metaverse

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Checking these out now!

Looking good. A few fixes we’ll need to sort out

  • Please make sure the front of the jacket is double sided so we don’t see through it. The shirt is also separating from the legs on the male Run. And there’s a small gap between the neck and the shirt. See screenshot below!

  • On the female character the waist line is too low and its penetrating through. You’ll need to add a separate female variation model with a higher waist line to fix this. The tongues of the shoes need to be adjusted slightly to not penetrate the female legs too. See screenshot

  • The Upper body is currently way over the tri limit. Please do what you can to reduce the tris closer to 1500.


  • Please adjust the thumbnail to better represent the upper_body. Its currently appearing black in the thumbnail but its blue in the game.

  • I would consider changing the names of the items to be more descriptive. Currently they’re just called ‘Jacket’ and ‘Sneakers’.