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8SIAN x Boson Protocol

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8SIAN x Khoon Hooi Mara Gown

8SIANxStoned&Co Satin Revere Set

8SIAN x Rafflesia Qipao

Hello checking this now

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  • 8SIAN x Rafflesia Qipao : Good to go!

  • 8SIANxStoned&Co Satin Revere Set : Good to go!

  • 8SIAN x Khoon Hooi Mara Gown : There is some clip with the legs when player is moving. Do you want to fix this?
    Please close the lower part of the dress like you did with ‘8SIAN x Rafflesia Qipao’

Let me know here when you are ready :slight_smile:

hello @fabeeobreen thanks for the quick update I have reviewed the last ine and closed the dress also improved the rigging a little on the legs I believe the issue has been if not solved hidden unless you pay close attention :sweat_smile:

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@Lau Collection approved! :slight_smile: