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3Dium x TOTF

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Cyber Pirate TOTF

Will check this now!

Collection approved!

Hey @Yannakis - I resubmitted the exact same wearable but removed the hook.

Could you reduce the textures count?

This was initially approved - this is still the same outfit, we’ve just removed a part of the outfit :slight_smile:

Yes but i noticed that it has more textures than allowed so please reduce them when you get a chance. For this design the textures can be limited to 2 or 3 including the skin texture

@Yannakis thanks for clarifying! Have updated textures: now it has two 1k textures + 1 texture for skin. Let me know if we have your blessing :slight_smile:

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Looks great just include hat in hide slot and ill approve asap!

Hat in hide slot - thank you!

Awesome, just approved!

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