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2022 Macy’s Fireworks

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Art Mask

The collection has been assigned to Sango

please try get the tri limit more towards 500 tris

Hi @Sango the file has been updated.

Few questions-

-Once approved, if I update the title of the wearable will it automatically change on all of them?
-If I only want 20k of the 100k common items, is there somewhere I can adjust that?
-Once approved, if I update the thumbnail of the wearable will it automatically change on all of them?

why do you intend on changing it after it being published?

if you only want 20k then you set as common rarity and only mint 20k of them

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Hi @Sango

We may change the name at a later point so was just curious if it was an automatic update or if we had to wait for approval.

Ok, so when we are ready to mint (after approval) we can select how many to mint?

it will need a reappoval for any changes made after publication.


Thank you! @Sango

Ok, can I change it now and save in editor and will the name be hidden once approved?

Also, how long does the approval process take for this mask?

Ive just been looking into Macy’s and its a trademark. do you have the rights to use it?

Yes its being uploaded directly from Macy’s for an upcoming drop

ok can you send proof to then i can continue with the review

Hi @Sango

Email was sent!

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This collection has been approved!

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I just loaded this in builder to get a sneak peek, and all I can say is just WOW! Phenomenal work, the thumbnail doesn’t do this incredible mask justice!